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Fanny Myers Brennan (1921–July 22, 2001) was a French-American surrealist artist and painter.

Brennan was born in Paris, educated in the United States and Europe and enrolled in an art school in France in 1938. When World War II began, Brennan went to New York. In 1941 the Wakefield Bookshop gallery run by Betty Parsons included her in two shows. She also worked for Harper's Bazaar and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.In 1944, the Office of War Information hired her to work in Europe.

Brennan's paintings are typically in miniature format and frequently combine domestic objects such as buttons with landscapes. The art critic Celia McGee said of her paintings that "Brennan's magicā€realist canvases—in which landscapes are literally put in a nutshell, a feather duster is taken to Mount Fuji, a spool of ribbon unwinds into a road, and scale and gravity are turned on their heads—are never larger than six square inches."

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